72% Chocolate covered Caramels with Gourmet Salts

72% Chocolate covered Caramels with Gourmet Salts

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The smoothest, creamiest, buttery caramels are enrobed in our blend of Michel Cluizel semi-sweet dark chocolate and sprinkled with a selection of sea and artisan salts.

Each salt subtly enhances the depth and layers of the chocolate and caramel flavors.

Salt Selections include:

  • Australian Murray River Salt
  • Chipotle Salt
  • Coconut Salt
  • Cyprus Black & White Sea Salt
  • Espresso Salt
  • French Gray Sea Salt
  • Hawaiian Red Alae Sea Salt
  • Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt
  • Hibiscus Salt
  • Himalayan Pink
  • Lavender Salt
  • Lemon & Lime Salt
  • Rainbow Peppercorn Salt
  • Sri Lanka Curry Salt
  • Thai Ginger Salt
  • Vanilla Salt
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