Tennis Sugar Cookies

Doubles anyone? How cute are Eleni's US Open Cookies… She has a variety – so hard to choose which I like the best, so you may see a few posted today :) Enjoy this work!

Photo and copy courtesy of: Eleni's

Shop: Eleni's, NY


Buy Eleni's Tennis Sugar Cookies here


16 sugar cookies

2 racquets (4" x 2.75")
2 shirt (3" x 3")
2 shorts (2" x 2.5")
4 shoes (1.5" x 3")
6 tennis balls (1")


Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, meringue powder, vanilla, spices and lots of practice with Play-Doh™

Nut Free

Kosher Certified

This may be a seasonal item – the web link may not work post season.

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