Mast Brothers Craft Chocolate Bars


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Photo and copy courtesy of Mast Brothers Chocolate

Shop: Mast Brothers Chocolate, Brooklyn, NY

Mast Brothers Craft Chocolate Bars

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Using only the greatest cacao in the world, we ensure a finished chocolate of paramount complexity and elegance.

Our handcrafted chocolate begins with the most prestigious cocoa farms. Not unlike wine making, variances in the geography of farms (terroir) create one-of-a-kind chocolate. We seek to pay tribute to these unique characteristics by crafting chocolate with beans from a single farm, village or province.

We work closely with estates like the Somia Plantation in Madagascar, La Red de Guaconejo in the northern highlands of the Dominican Republic and the ancient cocoa farms of the Venezuelan Caribbean coast. Our cacao is organically farmed, fermented, and imported to New York, the world’s culinary capital.

Craft chocolate depends on world-class execution. With artful roasting, careful winnowing, stone grinding, patient aging, and flawless tempering, truly one of a kind craft chocolate can be made – all done by simply using two ingredients, cacao and cane sugar. With craft this pure, there is no need to add any additional butter, oils, vanilla, soy, preservatives or emulsifiers.

The chocolate bars are finally hand wrapped in beautifully crafted papers, designed by our friends and family.

This may be a seasonal item – the web link may not work post season.

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