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I have noticed many of my readers are looking for information on the cake decorating technique Fiona Cairns used for the Royal Wedding cake – so, I have researched a few things for you all. Hope you all enjoy it!

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English Overpiping / Lambeth Method Style History

English overpiping techniques have been used England/UK bakeries since the beginning of cake decorating; before Lambeth made it popular. English bakeries handed the technique down throughout their family members; Joseph Lambeth made it popular by using the method in competitions, he did not invent the method. 

This method is not used in competition only.  Joseph Lambeth used buttercream frosted and decorated cakes in a lot of his designs.  In the Lambeth Method Cake Decorating book, he explains making royal icing  baskets, flowers, run sugar plaques gum paste and pastillage structures ahead of time, to be used and place on cakes when receiving orders from a customer. 

The English overpiping techniques requires a lot of practice,  pressure control and percision.  This method requires repetition in which gives any cake design artist percision and the ability to do any design in frosting; an ultimate challenge for a piping cake design artist.

There are many different distinguished forms of cake design artisty using many different piping techniques; Austrailian, South African and Nirvana to name a few.  All designwork was done with egg white royal icing; true percision and piping techniques.

A true cake design artist should know how work with all the mediums in cake decorating / confectionery arts; by adding their own modernized versions and styles to the older techniques.  Cake decorating will then progress throughout the coming years and add interest to more distinguished designs, while keeping the traditions of older techniques alive.

By Kathleen Lange

Master Cake Design Artist / Instructor

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The Lambeth Method

The Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use a lot of intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, and other decorating on a cake.  The Lambeth Method is still popular today and is frequently one of the methods used by wedding cake designers and decorators to decorate ornate wedding cakes. A cake decorated in the Lambeth Method and accented with fresh fruit or flowers is the wedding cake of choice for anyone who wants a traditional looking, elegant wedding cake.

In 1934, Joseph Lambeth put out his own book on decorating cakes using the Lambeth method. The book was a how-to book and included many tips and lessons on using the Lambeth Method to create ornate scrollwork, flowers, vines, and specialty figures. 

The Lambeth Method’s unique use of overpiping to create lacey, floral and ornate patterns on top of a fondant covered or marzipancake is easy to recognize and often, people add embellishments to the ornate piping work, such as pearls or gems, lace, fresh flowers, or a bit of embroidery. 

Because of the detailed instructions in the book and the popularity of the book, the Lambeth Method became extremely popular and the ornate scrollwork patterns originally designed by Lambeth became associated with American Sugarcrafting.  The most common American cake decorating style is derived almost entirely from the Lambeth Method. 

Examples of the Lambeth Method in American cake design can be seen most clearly in the designs of the 1950’s when women had competitions to outdo each other in creating the most unique and ornate cakes for every occasion.  The Lambeth Method is great for writing on cakes, so many cake decorators will use the Lambeth Method when creating cakes that have poems, songs, or other words running through the design.


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Lambeth method of cake decoration and practical pastries Book

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