2011 Ice Cream Trends


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Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Industry Trends: 2011


One thing is for sure, this coming year is going to be terrific for anyone in the frozen dessert industry. With the economy coming back, ice cream will be in vogue big time. All we need is good summer weather. The following are a number of trends and predictions for ice cream and frozen desserts in the year to come.

  • Ice Pops- In Mexico, they call them Paletas. Easy to make, reasonably priced, and a novel way to increase business.
  • Small size ice cream cakes- People are really tired of  baked cakes for occasions. This year-around business is ripe for expanding your business.
  • Ice Cream Pricing- Most ice cream retail shop operators will not raise prices because of the economy.
  • This summer will see more traveling to resort areas, and ice cream shops in these areas will do quite well.
  • Since the ice cream retail industry has shown to be very lucrative, we will see more ice cream openings than ever before.
  • Frozen custard will continue to decline in popularity because there is not enough foot traffic venues to support this business.
  • Tart tasting frozen yogurt has reached its maximum range of attracting the traffic needed to sustain the large growth of shops the past three years.
  • Self serving yogurt shops will peak in popularity this coming summer, and a shakeout will start late 2011.
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