Top 10 breakfast trends for 2011


Top 10 breakfast trends for 2011

March 17th, 2011 – 11:26 am

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What’s No. 1? Grandma would know. Here’s what The Food Channel found in its research. What do you think?

1.    Oatmeal—Not instant but the classic thick and lumpy kind that involves steel-cut oats.
2.    Chocolate for breakfast—Look for chocolate tea, chocolate Belgian waffles, chocolate granola, even hot chocolate on a stick.
3.    Fast-food battle over breakfast—McDonald’s and Burger King are major players but expect others to join the morning rush hour, like Subway, Wendy’s, and maybe Donimo’s Pizza.
4.    Haute coffee at home—More people are buying whole beans, grinders, a French press, and other equipment to make their own brews.
5.    Ethnic invasion—Hispanic breakfast items like tacos, quesadillas, and burritos are showing up everywhere. But there are also European-style breakfast choices like bangers and mash, cheeses, baked beans, and cold cuts turning up, too. Pretty soon, we’ll all be slathering our toast with Nutella (if we aren’t already).
6.    Breakfast beverages—Bubbly juices are growing; new fruit juices are in the market, promoting their antioxidant content; and seasonal juices are riding the “eating local” trend. Strawberry juice, anyone?
7.    Hot pizza in the A.M.—Food makers are looking at hot options. And there’s even a 24-hour Domino’s Pizza in Dayton, Ohio, delivering hot pizza in the morning!
8.    Breakfast ingredients all day long—Bacon, of course, is ubiquitous, from burgers to desserts, but eggs and hash brown potatoes are showing up on lunch and dinner menus.
9.    Breakfast two-step—People are eating breakfast in two phases, sort of grazing through the morning. They may start with coffee and a banana or muffin. Then, later, munch on a power bar, yogurt, or granola before lunch.
10. Eggs—Remember last summer’s massive egg recall? It’s history, and eggs are back big time both at home and on restaurant menus, any way you like them.

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