Top Flavor Profile Trends Predicted for 2011

Top Flavor Profile Trends Predicted for 2011

Expect the Unexpected in Flavor Combinations

By Killeen Gonzalez
Upon having done research into what industry insiders have to say about the hottest trends in flavor profiles for 2011 only one thing is certain, chefs are expected to spice it up in unexpected ways.With the gauntlet thrown down, here are the flavor profiles that industry insiders expect will fire up placid palates and grab gourmet gastronomes by the gullet in 2011.Spicy SensationsAccording to one of the major players in the spice industry, “McCormick and Company”, the following mercurial flavor pairings will skyrocket in 2011; fennel and peri-peri sauce, cilantro and nut butters, pickling spice and rice vinegar, mustard seed and vermouth, roasted curry powder and wild mushrooms, thyme and stone fruits, caramelized honey and adzuki red beans, ancho chile peppers and hibiscus, green peppercorns and goat’s milk as well as herbs de Provence and popcorn.“Sensient”, a flavors and fragrances group agrees with “McCormick and Company” only so far as to acknowledge that Americans should expect the unexpected with exotic in flavors this coming year.“Sensient’s” picks for 2011 are; berbere, borojo, Ceylon cinnamon, yacon, yumberry, pandan, hibiscus, grains of paradise, cherimoya and aguaje.If “Sensient’s” picks sound a bit foreign to your ears that is because they hail from parts all across the big, blue marble we call home.For example, berbere is a spice mixture indigenous to Ethiopia. It is similar in concept to a bouquet garni and contains salt, black peppers, ginger, all-spice, cardamom, cayenne peppers, cloves and fenugreek.Other spices that made industry insider short lists were nutmeg and smoky paprika.It’s Bacon!“The Food Channel” has also rung in with their thoughts on top ten flavor pairing for 2011. In part it is predicting that savory ingredients like bacon will be paired with sweet treats like brownies and cupcakes.Now, as my wide girth can attest, I like both bacon and chocolate. However, I personally will be taking my bacon separately from my chocolate in 2011.The “National Restaurant Association” is also predicting bacon to take center stage only more in the terms of artesian and specialty bacon, as opposed to bacon as a dessert ingredient.Additional InformationAdditional information about flavor profiles can be found on assorted food and beverage websites.Sources:
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